Fully managed campaign including 1000 prospects (~6,000 total emails sent). For startups that have some product/market fit.

What's included?
1000 Unique Prospects
Campaign Strategy
Market Research Report
Lead Research & Validation
Campaign Management
Unlimited Copy Edits
Weekly Reporting

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About the Package

The growth package is for startups with some kind of product market fit. You should already be making regular sales through cold email as a channel, we're just here to amplify it and take the workload off your plate!

What results can I expect?

Results will vary based on (as you can imagine) a ton of factors. A few of our most successful campaigns have a few things in common:

  • The products were actually ready to sell.
  • The product was for a particular vertical (not a horizontal platform).
  • Sales had already been happening through cold email as a channel.
  • For certain verticals (healthcare for example), a follow up call with a BDR from the company after the emails sent.
  • Amazing collateral (blog posts, e-books, pdfs, etc).

The numbers you want to know:

  • 60% - 80%  Open Rates
  • 2%-6% Response Rates
  • <3% Bounce Rates

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