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A great company has a great team behind it

We've been in your shoes. Fundraising, hiring, sales, marketing, rinse and repeat. We know your pain and we're here to give you some relief :)

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Outbound sales on autopilot.

Hmmm, that's not us over there. We're remote, so pictures are harder to come by. And if we had an office it would look way more rad.

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Our Values

The core values behind
our work

Meetings, meetings and more meetings = sales, sales and more sales.


Cold outreach requires discipline. You can have the best ideas in the world, but if you don't execute methodically... iterate and test, you'll get no where.


We report on our work weekly so there is no hiding. If we don't put the work in, you'll know about it.


We help startups grow. Whether that's insights or booked meetings. Whichever it is the only way is up.

Team Work

We're a remote team but we work like we're in the same room. We've got eachother's back so we can have yours.

Our Team

Meet the founders

We've built businesses, bought businesses, exited businesses and of course crashed and burned businesses. Between us we've seen it all.

Mikey Howe

Co-Founder & CEO

Andrew Pierno


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