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10 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Cold Email Agency

Explore 10 vital questions to ask when selecting a cold email agency. Make an informed choice and maximize your lead generation efforts.

Cold emailing has become a popular strategy for reaching potential clients and driving business growth. It allows you to initiate conversations with prospects who may have never crossed paths with your business otherwise. However, successfully implementing a cold email campaign can be challenging, which is why many companies turn to cold email agencies for assistance. If you're considering partnering with a cold email agency, it's crucial to ask the right questions to ensure you make an informed decision. 

In this blog post, we'll delve into the ten questions you should ask before choosing a cold email agency.

1. How long will it take to generate our first lead?

One of the first questions to ask a cold email agency is about the timeline for lead generation. Understanding how long it will take for the agency to deliver your first lead is essential for managing your expectations. The lead generation process can vary depending on factors such as your target audience, industry, and the agency's experience. For instance, a well-established cold email agency might have the processes and contacts in place to generate leads more quickly. Therefore, make sure to get a realistic estimate based on your unique circumstances.

Example: Let's say you're a B2B company looking to reach out to potential clients in the healthcare industry. A reputable cold email agency might estimate that it could take 4-6 weeks to generate your first lead due to the specificity of your target audience.

2. Will I own my cold email domain?

Ownership of your cold email domain is a critical question to address. Some cold email agencies may manage the domain for you, which can create potential issues if you decide to switch agencies in the future. Ensuring you have control over your email domain is crucial for maintaining flexibility and independence in your email marketing efforts.

Example: You've decided to part ways with your current cold email agency. If you don't own your email domain, the transition to a new agency could be complicated, leading to disruptions in your email marketing.

3. What sending volume will you use to reach my lead generation goals?

The volume of emails sent is a significant factor in cold email campaigns. It's important to discuss the sending volume the agency plans to use to reach your lead generation goals. Be wary of agencies that promise quick results with an unusually high volume of emails, as this could negatively impact your email deliverability and reputation.

Example: An agency may propose sending 200 personalized emails per day to maintain a healthy sending volume that doesn't trigger spam filters and maintains a positive sender reputation.

4. What type of leads will you be getting from this company?

Understanding the quality of leads you can expect is paramount. Different agencies may have access to various databases and contacts, which can result in varying lead quality. It's essential to clarify what criteria the agency uses when defining a "qualified lead" to ensure their definition aligns with your business goals.

Example: A qualified lead for your SaaS company may be a decision-maker at a mid-sized business within a specific industry who has shown interest in your product or service.

5. What does the contract look like?

A well-defined contract is the foundation of a successful partnership with a cold email agency. It should outline the scope of work, deliverables, pricing, and other crucial details. Ensure you review the contract thoroughly and seek clarification on any ambiguous terms or clauses.

Example: A contract should specify the agreed-upon number of leads to be generated, the length of the engagement, and the total cost of the service.

6. What assets will you own after the engagement?

After the engagement with the cold email agency ends, it's important to determine what assets you will own. These assets can include email templates, prospect lists, or any other materials used during the campaign. Knowing what you'll retain ensures that you can continue your email marketing efforts independently.

Example: If the agency creates customized email templates for your campaign, you should retain ownership of these templates after the engagement concludes.

7. What expectations should you set for this partnership?

Setting clear expectations is vital for a productive partnership. Discuss your goals, desired outcomes, and any specific metrics you want to track. This alignment between you and the agency is crucial for a successful collaboration.

Example: You aim to increase your lead conversion rate by 15% within six months. Clearly communicating this expectation allows the agency to tailor their strategy accordingly.

8. What should you provide in order to have more qualified leads coming your way?

A collaborative approach can significantly improve the success of your cold email campaign. Inquire about the agency's expectations regarding the information or resources they need from your side to generate qualified leads effectively.

Example: The agency might require detailed information about your ideal customer profile, previous marketing efforts, or feedback on lead quality to fine-tune their strategy.

9. How much will the lead generation service cost?

Cost is a significant consideration when choosing a cold email agency. Get a detailed breakdown of the pricing structure, including any hidden costs or additional fees. This will help you evaluate the agency's services in relation to your budget.

Example: The agency may charge a monthly retainer fee plus a commission for each lead generated. Understanding these costs upfront allows you to budget effectively.

10. How do you find a good cold email agency?

Lastly, when searching for a cold email agency, don't forget to ask how to identify a reliable and competent agency in the first place. They might provide insights into factors like industry reputation, client testimonials, and case studies to help you make an informed choice.

Example: A reputable cold email agency should be able to share success stories and client feedback to showcase their expertise in lead generation.


Choosing the right cold email agency is a crucial decision that can significantly impact your lead generation efforts. By asking these ten questions and considering the examples provided, you can make an informed choice and ensure a successful partnership that drives your business growth. 

Remember, thorough research and due diligence are essential when selecting a cold email agency to guarantee a valuable and productive collaboration.

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