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5 Free Cold Email Courses Available Online (2023)

Discover the top 5 free cold email courses available online in 2023. Learn the art of cold email marketing, from writing to automation, and supercharge your outreach efforts.

In today's digital age, cold email marketing remains a powerful tool for reaching potential clients and growing your business. But it's not as simple as hitting the "send" button. Crafting effective cold emails requires skill, strategy, and a deep understanding of your target audience. 

Fortunately, there are several free cold email courses available online that can help you master this art. In this blog post, we'll explore five of the best ones in 2023.

1. Woodpecker Academy - Free Cold Email Course

Are you ready to become a cold email expert? Woodpecker Academy offers a comprehensive free cold email course that covers everything from pre-sending preparation to optimizing your campaigns for the best results. 

Let's delve into what you can expect from this course.

1. Pre-sending preparation

You'll learn to research your target audience, understand their pain points, and tailor your emails to resonate with their needs. This could involve analyzing customer data, studying competitors, or conducting surveys.

2. Building a prospect list

You'll explore various tools and techniques for finding accurate contact details of potential clients. This might involve using LinkedIn, email finding tools like Hunter, or leveraging your network.

3. How to write a cold email

You'll learn about the structure of a cold email, including the subject line, introduction, body, and call to action. Effective writing could mean the difference between a delete and a response.

4. Follow-ups

You'll be provided with templates and guidelines for crafting effective follow-up emails that keep your prospects engaged without becoming intrusive.

5. Campaign optimization

You'll learn how to measure open rates, response rates, and conversion rates, and then adjust your approach accordingly. For instance, if you notice a low open rate, you might experiment with different subject lines.

Upon successful completion of the Woodpecker Academy course, you'll receive a certificate, showcasing your newfound expertise in cold email marketing.

2. Hunter's Cold Email Course

What you’ll learn? Everything you need to know about setting up, launching, and managing effective cold email campaigns.

Hunter, a well-known name in the email industry, offers a free cold email course that covers all aspects of running successful cold email campaigns. Let's break down the key components of this course.

1. Defining an ICP

If your business sells software to other businesses, your ideal customer profile might include factors like company size, industry, and the job titles of decision-makers. In this course section, you'll learn how to define these parameters for your campaigns.

2. Building a prospect list

To find accurate contact details, you might use Hunter's email finder tool. This section could teach you how to efficiently use such tools to build a prospect list.

3. Writing effective cold emails

Effective cold emails often contain personalized elements. For example, you might mention a recent company achievement or a specific pain point your product can solve. This course segment will show you how to incorporate these elements into your emails.

4. Following up

Let's say a prospect expressed interest but hasn't made a purchase yet. This is where follow-ups come into play. You'll learn how to craft follow-up emails that are compelling without being pushy.

5. Maximizing deliverability

Hunter's course could offer insights into email deliverability, discussing factors like spam filters, email authentication, and best practices to ensure your emails reach the inbox.

6. Automating cold outreach

If you have a sizable prospect list, manually sending emails can be time-consuming. Hunter's course may cover how to use email automation tools to scale your efforts efficiently.

3. The Cold Email Masterclass by Mailshake

Mailshake presents a Cold Email Masterclass that provides an in-depth look into various aspects of cold email marketing. Let's go through the lessons in this course.

1. How to Write a Good Email

In this lesson, you'll explore the preparation required for writing an effective cold email and access templates for inspiration. You'll learn to create emails that resonate with your target audience.

2. Writing Subject Lines, Opening Lines, and Body Copy

Subject lines, opening lines, and body copy are critical components of your cold emails. This lesson will delve deep into these components, providing tips and best practices for each.

3. Expediting the Sales Outreach Process

Discover tools and techniques to find contact information and ensure you're reaching potential buyers rather than wasting time on uninterested parties.

4. Personalization

Personalization goes beyond using a recipient's name. This lesson will teach you various ways to personalize your cold emails effectively.

5. Building a Quality Check Process

Sending out an error-free email is crucial for maintaining your professional image. You'll learn a checklist to follow before hitting that "send" button.

6. Follow-Up Emails

This lesson will cover the art of follow-up emails. You'll understand the importance of persistence in sales and how to create an effective follow-up series.

7. Analyze, Optimize, and Scale

Cold email optimization is the key to success. This lesson will show you what to test and how to scale your cold email campaigns for better results.

8. Expert Sessions

Learn from the best in the field through video interviews with cold email experts. Gain insights and suggestions for sending effective sales emails.

Upon completing Mailshake's Cold Email Masterclass, you'll be well-equipped to craft and optimize successful cold email campaigns.

4. - Cold Emailing for B2B Sales's Cold Emailing for B2B Sales course promises to equip you with essential skills for cold email marketing. Here's a sneak peek at what you'll learn:

What will you learn:

1. Structuring a Converting Sales Email Copy

Crafting an email that converts requires a structured approach. This course will provide guidance on how to organize your email copy for maximum impact. For instance, you might learn the importance of a compelling opening, a persuasive body, and a clear call to action.

2. Increasing Your Open Rate

Your email's success begins with the recipient opening it. This section could delve into techniques for creating subject lines that pique curiosity or urgency, thus improving your open rates.

3. Writing Follow-Ups for Better Reply Rates

Follow-up emails are often the key to turning a cold lead into a warm prospect. You might learn how to write follow-ups that address common objections and encourage responses.

4. Applying Emotional Drivers in B2B Sales

While B2B sales are typically associated with rational decision-making, emotions still play a significant role. This part of the course may show you how to appeal to the emotional aspects of your prospect's decision-making process.

5. Leveraging Features, Benefits, and Advantages

Communicating your product's value is essential. This lesson might provide insights into highlighting the features, benefits, and advantages of your offering in a concise and compelling way.

6. Getting More Booked Meetings

The ultimate goal of your cold email campaign may be to secure meetings. You could learn strategies for encouraging prospects to schedule meetings or product demonstrations.

7. Avoiding Spam and Promotions Folders

Cold emails that land in the spam or promotions folder rarely get seen. You'll gain tips on how to structure your emails and send them in a way that ensures they arrive in the recipient's primary inbox.

By the end of the course, you'll be equipped with a toolkit of strategies to improve the effectiveness of your cold email campaigns.

5. Cold Email Masterclass (CEM) by's Cold Email Masterclass is tailored for modern closers who want to outreach to cold prospects at scale. Let's break down the four pillars of cold email mastery covered in this course.

1. The Psychology Behind Writing Great Emails

Understand the psychological aspects of effective cold email writing. This knowledge can help you create emails that resonate with your recipients on a deeper level.

2. True Personalization

Personalization extends beyond the recipient's name. Learn how to make your emails feel genuinely tailored to each prospect, increasing the likelihood of engagement.

3. The BOSS Method: Body, Opening Line, Subject Line

The BOSS method is a structured approach to crafting your cold emails. You'll explore the nuances of creating a compelling opening line, subject line, and the content of the email body.

4. How to Scale Efficiently and Safely

Scaling your cold email outreach is essential for growth, but it must be done safely and efficiently. This course segment may provide insights into using automation tools, managing contact lists, and ensuring compliance with email regulations.

It's important to note that while these are presented as separate pillars, they all work together to create a cohesive and effective cold email strategy.


These free cold email courses offer valuable insights and guidance to help you become a proficient cold email marketer in 2023. Whether you're new to cold email marketing or looking to enhance your existing skills, enrolling in one or more of these courses can significantly boost your outreach efforts. 

Master the art of crafting compelling emails, building prospect lists, and optimizing your campaigns, and watch your business thrive through the power of cold email marketing. 

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