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Amazing opportunity to go from SEO Copywriter to CEO! Are you a great content writer, but you also have entrepreneurial ambitions? If yes, then this is your chance to get paid consistently for your copywriting, whilst getting a shot at building a business from the ground up!

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About Cold Email Studio

Cold Email Studio ( is a US based lead generation service that sends outbound email campaigns for the top Silicon Valley startups. Our clients are world-class startup founders backed by y-combinator, 500 startups, TechStars, etc.

We have grown our business almost entirely through word of mouth and our own cold outreach campaigns. Now we're looking to scale our inbound marketing efforts. To do that we want to scale our blog content to start driving inbound traffic to our site and if all goes well, we have an exciting opportunity for you!

The Opportunity

This is how it could go for you:

  1. You get paid to write great SEO content for us using AI writing tools.
  2. You start generating 10s of articles per week.
  3. Our website traffic and inbound leads increase for Cold Email Studio.
  4. The strategy works so well, we start another business that does AI driven copywriting-as-a-service for other companies.
  5. We grow this new business using Cold Email Studio!
  6. You help us hire, train and manage a great AI driven team of writers.
  7. You’re so good that we keep promoting you up to CEO!
  8. Life is great :)

Key Responsibilities 

Short Term
  • Become the expert in using AI writing tools such as
  • Produce A LOT of SEO focused content for Cold Email Studio
  • Help us rank on google for cold email content
  • Help us generate inbound leads for Cold Email Studio
Medium Term
  • Help turn a successful content strategy into a proven process.
  • Help hire and coach writers to follow the process.
  • Help us deliver our AI driven copywriting as a service to external clients.
  • Help manage a team of writers to deliver a great service so we can scale.

About You

  • You’re a great writer.
  • You care about quality.
  • You can produce content quickly.
  • You have experience working under tight deadlines.
  • You have excellent English language abilities as well as an innate understanding of US writing conventions.
  • You have excellent grammar and writing skills.
  • You can grasp complex concepts and make them understandable.
  • You understand that great content marketing is informative, conversational, and fun.
  • You have a sense of humour.
  • You believe in the power of AI to write content faster.
  • You might already be using AI tools for your writing.
  • You understand SEO and keyword research.
  • You’re experienced with SEO tools.
  • You’re confident in building a content strategy.
  • You have a desire to coach other writers and maybe even manage a team.
  • You’re happy to start as an individual writer and work your way up.
  • You’re excited by the opportunity to help build a new business in the world of AI copywriting.

Salary and Benefits

Initially this will be a freelance position. You can work remotely and choose your own hours as long as you are contactable.

You will be paid the below every two weeks, on acceptance of each piece of content.

If all goes well, we can evolve the role to a full time position with a different compensation package.

Work hard and we'll promote you quickly :)

Pay Structure

This pay structure is based on the idea that we are leveraging AI tools to write content. So everything we create will be based on high ranking articles that already exist, written using AI tools and then edited by a human (you). One basic blog article should take 45 mins to 1 hr to create. We have already researched 400+ articles that we can essentially re-write with AI.

Quick, consistent pay:

  • 500 words = $16.00
  • 1000 words = $29.00
  • 1500 words = $43.00
  • 2000 words = $55.00
  • 3000 word article = $90.00
  • 4000 word article = $120.00
  • 5000 word article = $150.00

How to Apply

This is a key role and also an amazing opportunity for the right candidate. Please still apply if you don’t have direct experience, but you know you’ll be perfect for the role :)

Apply with a CV/Linkedin URL and answer the following questions in the application form. Feel free to be as creative as you like.

Note: humour, kindness, professionalism and ambition are some of our favourite traits in our team!

  • How would hiring you improve our chances of success as a business?
  • What about this position interests you most and why?
  • What experience do you have that is relevant? Please share any relevant links, portfolio, etc. If no relevant experience, then write whatever you feel supports your application.