Vitable Health
August 2020

How We Generated Over $149,000 in ARR  For VitableHealth In 3 Months

How we brought in the leads that helped Vitable Health close over $100,000 in recurring revenue.


Cold Email



Result 1

More Monthly Meetings

Result 2

Recurring Revenue Generated

Project Overview

Sales in first week (from us):

  • $21,500 deal closed in week 1!!!

Sales in the first month (from us):

  • $50,000

Total sales from Cold Email Studio:

  • $100,000

In the first batch of 12 emails we booked a meeting!

Total meetings booked in 1 month: 13


Sales In the first month (from us):

  • $50,000


Total Sales from Cold Email Studio:

  • ~$100,000


Nice things people have said about us

A few happy customers

“We closed a $21,500 customer in the first week of using Cold Email Studio, and a $50,000 deal a month later.”

Joseph Kitonga
Founder & CEO, Vitable Health (YC S20)

“The speed at which we are able to run experiments is awesome. We closed a 100 location deal from a lead brought in by Cold Email Studio!”

Collin Wallace
Founder, ZeroStorefront (YC W19)

“Cold email has been an effective way for our porfolio companies at  XOXO Ventures to go from $0 to $20,000 in MRR. Now available as a service! ✌️”

Andrew Pierno
Co-founder, XOXO Capital

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