Founder Stories

Interviews with interesting founders.

Building businesses worth selling with Tyler Gillespie

Today we chat to Tyler Gillespie on his journey of building and selling businesses, to now advising other entrepreneurs to do the same. Tyler is the co-founder of Content Pros (acquired), Applause Lab (acquired) and more recently Productized.Services.

May 30, 2024

Growing your B2B tech brand by speaking on podcasts with Mark Colgan

Today we chat to co-founder of Speak On Podcasts about an under-utilised channel for growing your tech brand . Mark Colgan shares his decade of B2B sales experience including why every tech business should leverage podcasts for building brand awareness.

May 30, 2024

Bootstrapping multiple SaaS businesses with Baird Hall

Today we dig into the highs and lows of startup life with Baird Hall, co-founder of (acquired), and more recently

May 30, 2024